Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Dallas / Fort Worth

Dryer Vent Cleaning Dallas Fort WorthAt The Dryer Fighter, we arrive at your home when promised in an identifiable vehicle and with identification. We will inspect your dryer and the surrounding area and provide recommendations on how to keep your home safer for you and your family. THE PRICE WE QUOTE WILL BE WHAT YOU PAY!* No hidden charges.

  • Inspect dryer and surrounding area.
  • Clean dryer filter and back of machine.
  • Remove vent clamp and vent tubing.
  • Clean vent tubing with professional brushes.
  • Check outside vents for blockage.
  • Replace damaged or missing parts.
  • Remove any debris such as birds nests or animal carcasses.
  • Vacuum lint and check air flow.

*Applies to quotes provided after inspection.

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